Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Encore Day 031 Sigulda - Priekuli

We had to get up early and we did not have planned for a long way, so we decided to make a small detour to Latvias largest cave. More of a grotto and not that impressive by size, but still a very nice place. Completely decorated with inscriptions, some of them centuries old. The first half of the cycling route was pretty nice. At some point we discovered a leaflet for an old soviet nuclear bunker nearby. We went there and it was definitely worth it. I even managed to negotiate a special price with the reception lady as we didn't have enough Lats left. We had to wait a bit until the excursion would start, so we used it for a nap in the sun. The excursion was pretty impressive. The bunker was kept secret until as late as 2003, so a lot of the interieur and technical equipment has survived.
After leaving the bunker we soon got lost in wood. Even though it was an official cycling path we had a flooded road, sand, mud,... not very funny. We very happy to arrive at our very nice couchsurfing host Justine. We spent the evening talking and stroking the very very people-loving cat.

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