Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Encore Day 035 Tartu - Paide

After the rest days we gained new strength. Maybe a bit too much - shortly after starting this morning Alex was cycling with so much power, that her chain burst. We ran with the bicycles to the train and during the one hour train ride I tried to fix it - kind of difficult when everything is shaking. We got out in the village of Rakke and the first try showed that my fix did not work. The second fix in better light conditions did the trick and we were on the road again. The cycling was not very spectacular but nice. The promised rain didn't come and there was nearly no traffic at all, so we cycled taking and singing through the woods and fields.
In Paide we were given an extremely warm welcome by our first-time couchsurfing host Krista. After late lunch we ventured out to visit the ruined castle of the German Order. The best preserved part is a rampart tower, which contains a very interesting multimedia museum of Estonian history. We especially liked that in the presentations the Estonians don't take themselves too serious. The evening we soent talking with our very nice host Krista and her 3 cats.

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