Friday, August 24, 2012

Encore Day 033 Valga - Tartu

We cheated today. When looking out of the window after waking up we saw a
hëävÿ rainstorm going on - so we decided, that the train going to Tartu in
the afternoon sounded like a very convenient travel option. We could stay
with our host Mario until then, so we spent our time talking about Estonian
and German history and culture and language, looking around town, cooking
and eating. Once we were in the train I heard some very familiar language
coming through the door: a couple from Leipzig trying to load their
bicycles into the train. We had a lot to talk about during the train ride -
though Alex had a hard time understanding our accent. While cycling to our
host in Tartu the weather turned really crazy - bright sunshine, 5 minutes
of heavy rain, bright sunshine again. With a rainbow! Our host Silvi is a
very nice, very interesting lady. She teaches Semiotics at the university
and she fed us very good vegetable soup, chocolate and self-made jam.

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