Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 275 Chennai - Puttur

I said goodbye to the sea and started a looong ride going inland. I gotta go fast now as I will meet my fellow cyclists Mr. Yannik & Mr. Erick in Hampi very soon.
In Chennai I was surprised to cycle along a very gothic style graveyard, some old huge tombs, everything a bit overgrown - this was something I really had not expected here. The way out of Chennai was relatively relaxed, maybe it was a good idea to use a Sunday morning for that.
Fortunately most of the day some clouds gave me a bit of shelter from the sun. Once I was a bit away from Chennai something exciting appeared: landscape. Like real mountains and stuff. Very nice ones. And only for decoration on both sides - the road was still flat. Nevertheless I decided to stop around 4.30pm after more than 100km. I knew that the next bigger town would be about 30km away, which I could have made until sunset, but I rather kept myself in a cyclable condition for tomorrow. I needed some time to find food: first place was non-veg, second place only served south indian dishes - basically some bread-like item (chappati, dosa, uththapam...) and a bit of sauce - which can be great at times, but isn't very filling after a long day of cycling. I was very hungry because I just had a roadside watermelon for lunch. In the end I hunted down a simple, cheap and good chinese rice dish and complemented it with some samples from a nearby confectionary as well as a chips shop.

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