Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 276 Puttur - Rajamput

Yesterday I arrived in a new state: Andrah Pradesh. And I clearly left the tourist path. Now literally every few minutes someone wants to speak to me. Most times it is just: Where you going? and: What country you from? before they pace off on their motorbikes. I am not quite there yet, but soon I will start answering with random country names just to make it all a bit more exciting for me.
One other difference I notice here: less cows, more water buffaloes. Yeah! I love water buffaloes! In fact they not even look so much different than cows, but their faces are very very expressive. The first impression might be that of a beast with no other interest than eating and ruminating but I am convinced that every single one of them knows all the wisdom in the world - and that they will never tell to anyone.
Today it got kind of hilly - not really big mountains but nevertheless I had accumulated a couple of hundreds of altitude meters at the end of the day. Most of the day I went through scrub forest with only a few villages inbetween. Only at the end it got a bit more industrial with a huge mining enterprise, mainly visible due to a huge heap with their leftovers. In Andrah Pradesh the minor roads seem to be better than in Tamil Nadu - it was easy cycling with not much traffic. In the evening I managed to find a very nice lodge for a better price than yesterdays rathole. Once I was settled down I checked the news only to learn that my former employer Q-Cells went into insolvency. Not good, not good at all! For me it is just one job option less for my return, but I don't wanna think about what it means to many of my colleagues - it's been the only bigger company in the area and many of my colleagues can't just move somewhere else as they have family, house, etc. there.

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