Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 289 Bijapur

I took one more day off from cycling and checked out Bijapurs second important mausoleum: Ibrahim Roza, which unlike Gol Gumbaz tried to impress more by beauty than by size. Some say that the Taj Mahal itself was influenced by this older mausoleum. Might be true, it really is beautiful, But: somehow I am happy that after Bijapur I won't have any important sights on my way for some time.
Maybe it is a good time to bring this journey to an end - I feel completely filled up with many many impressions - right now I cannot fully appreciate any more impressions, no matter how great they might be. Slowly my brain needs some time to process all these impression before I can find my sense of awe again. Lately I often prefer to stay in my hotel room because I am tired of being asked the same questions again and again and sometimes I get crazy if strangers touch me or my bike. Mmmmh, sounds like the culture shock got me again. It is good that I have a plan: I will be cycling through India until end of may, then I will fly to Vienna and cycle home for about 2 weeks.

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