Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 291 Solapur - Barsi

Not much happened today. Just cycle cycle cycle, buy water, cycle cycle cycle, buy more water, cycle cycle cycle, buy even more water,...
Once I arrived in Barsi some guys on a motorbike helped me find a hotel - which I could have never found on my own as there was no English sign. When I tried to lock my bike I saw: my key is broken - part of the key is in the lock now. Fortunately this did not happen while my bike was locked. I tried a bit and with some squeezing and shaking the lock can still be opened, but I won't take any chances here. I still have a long cable and a padlock, so my bike is relatively safe now.
A lot of things tend to break lately: my mobile screen just got some strange blue marks on it and I don't want to start talking about the condition of my trousers and my underwear!
In the evening I visited the barber which took some time as we had different opinions about what is a straight beard - after some adjustments we could settle our differences peacefully.

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