Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 285 Ilkal - Badami

I took some very small village roads today. Very good idea. I got invited for breakfast - when I tried to pay the chai stall owner even after I tried Persian-Taroof-style triple insistence.
Somehow since leaving Hampi people tend to be more shy. Or just less capable of English? Anyway, I still get a lot of stares but much less roadside questions.
One other difference: in this area many many men wear funny white sailor's hats.
On the way I stopped at the temple construction trial grounds of Pattadakal, newly listed World Heritage site. This is bat country! A common feature for many temples is a hallway around the inner chamber. In Pattadakal many many bats seem to be very fond of that hallways - hanging around with their buddies, uttering strange noises, fluttering around,... The temples itself were also very nice, but I feel a bit too overtempled lately to enjoy it thoroughly.

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