Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 281 Hampi

Hampi is tourist-land. Which is quite enjoyable from time to time. Even though I started to appreciate the spicy Indian breakfast during the last weeks, having some decent Muesli is something very nice. Breakfast was late because sleep was long because yesterdays cycling was very exhausting. So only shortly before noon Yannik and me entered a riksha to the village of Kamalapuram from where we set out to explore the sights of Hampi by foot. This is a wonderful and crazy place here. The landscape is very strange: rocky hills over which some giant child has spilled many many huge huge stone marbles. And on top and within all that an abundance of temples and the remains of some old mighty empire. No wonder so many tourists like it here. There is also a beautiful river. And all sorts of animals: squirrels, monkeys and due to the festival pinkified cows.
I think I walked too much today - I had planned for just a short stroll around some of the main sights but in the evening we had been walking in the heat for nearly 20km, I am seriously exhausted now.

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