Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 293 Beed - Paithan

Since about 2 days the 2l water bottles have disappeared - all shops only stock 1l bottles. This makes my ridiculously high plastic waste production even worse. After all I run at about 10l/100km. On the other hand I don't really trust the water served at most of the small roadside eateries. So, even though I am travelling with the possibly most eco-friendly means of transport I still produce a lot of stupid plastic waste.
About halfway I left the highway and continued on a small village road of ever changing surface quality. On the way I met many water buffaloes, some fires and just when I arrived in Paithan even rain! Paithan is not a very common tourist destination - it was difficult to find a decent place for dinner and when I found one the food was tasty but hot hot hot!

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  1. Was ist das denn? Arische Brause aus Indischem Hause? Es ist schon seltsam, dass die Swastika dort ein Gl├╝cksymbol ist, welches sich Taxi- und Rikschafahrer auf ihre Fahrzeuge zeichnen, damit sie gut durch den Verkehr und die tage kommen.

    Alles Gute

    What about this? Arian water from the Indian quarter? /:=
    Strange to see the Swastika as a sign for luck and happiness in this part of the world where taxi and rikscha drivers paint it on their vehicles to stay safe during the traffic in the
    cities and the days.

    best wishes
    Jean Gerard