Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 279 Tadipatri - Guntakal

Yet another long cycling day. Shortly after starting I passed one of many riverbeds where some serious laundry business was going on - with all the colourful saris etc. drying in the sun - which was merciful to me today, a bit of haze and some proper clouds prevented to much agony. Nevertheless my water consumption is close to 10l per day - without a single pee stop. There even were some sights today: a huge hilltop fort in Gooty and a muslim shrine close to my destination Guntakal. Once again I got many stares and many times the same questions today - and I even had to autograph an Indian girls hand - yep, it is not quite autographing more delicate body parts yet, but I am on the right track, yay ! Mmh, on the other hand cycling through rural India (as a blond guy of 2 meter) gives you a good intersession of what it must be like to be a star - I definitely appreciate my privacy too much to ever want to become one.
Tomorrow I will try to reach Hampi in one more long cycling day - and there I will meet my cycling buddies from Iran, UAE & Oman: Mr. Yannik & Mr. Erick, yeah !!!

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